Nic Green

Since 2005 work under the artistic direction of Nic Green has spanned solo and group theatre performance, community and public art projects, pedagogical and holistic learning experiences and interactive web-based endeavours. Nic’s work holds a strong sense of political and social responsibility, whilst striving towards a balance between the radical and accessible. Recent successes include her award-winning work Trilogy, which received many five star reviews and which has since shown at various major national and international festivals.

Engaging in what Nic describes as an ecological arts praxis, she is interested in the development of creative work which isn’t just environmental in it’s subject, but is deeply ecological in all aspects: it’s consciousness, it’s values and in it’s very nature. To compliment this worldview, last year she conducted an original study on the development and understanding of ecological performance practices, and how they might contribute to a wider ecological consciousness. Her artistic practice serves as a joyous, political agency, with research its heart.