Helen Cole

Helen Cole is the CEO and Founding Artistic Director of In Between Time. Established in 2001, the sixth critically acclaimed biennial festival, IBT15 Bristol International Festival took place across Bristol in February 2015.

In her artistic practice Cole hovers between curator and artist making work poised on the cusp of about-to-happen, or hovering on the edge of long-since-gone.

In 2009, Cole created We See Fireworks, an installation made from one-on-one encounters with hundreds of audience members. Voices of strangers gently unfold in the darkness to reveal funny, haunting, vivid memories of incredible performances. Described by The Guardian as ‘exquisite’, We See Fireworks continues to evolve and tour across the UK, Europe, Brazil, US and Australia.

Her new work for 2016, Breathe will gather hundreds of intimate private dances. In a journey ‘from exuberance to exhaustion’, the audience will never see these dances, experiencing them only as echoes of a presence long since gone. In theatres, galleries and found spaces suffused with hot white light these anonymous ‘breath dances’ emit the tangible, poignant traces of bodies pushed to their limits, lives lived, time passing.

“Cole invites us into other people’s minds and bodies – and in doing so switches on new lights within our own.”
Maddy Costa, Exeunt