Bex Anson

Bex Anson is an emerging performance director and scenographer based in Glasgow. Working with multi-disciplinary artists and independent organisations, she creates immersive performances through collective synergy, experiential environments and transgressive forms of theatre. Bex is VD/A’s current scenographer (recent performances VOID, Behave, Buy This! and Pointe), an associate artist with Brighton-based Feral Theatre, and the performance director with Bassline Circus since 2013.

After graduating in Painting at The Glasgow School of Art, she co-founded the site-specific Lowsalt Gallery (2006-2010) and is a founding member of the ‘genre-bending’ 85A arts collective. She recently trained in directing and physical theatre with Philippe Gaullier, Mick Barnfather (Theatre Complicité) and at Bristol’s Circomedia.